The cute coffee shop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn





Over the weekend, my family and I ventured out to another part of town in Brooklyn called Greenpoint. We went out to celebrate my in-laws anniversary and to have some quality family time. We hadn’t set aside time to catch up since I started my first semester back for my bachelors degree and since my mother-in-law works as a professor at a local college, her work schedule has been more demanding. My in-laws have been married for 27 years and were in the mood to try something different. Since they hadn’t tried Thai food, we all went to try a Thai restaurant once in Greenpoint.

As we were walking towards the restaurant after parking the car in a dark residential street, we noticed the brightly lite corner of the residential block we had just parked on. The facade was painted white, with windows wide enough to barely make out what exactly was inside. The more we peered, the sooner we realized it was a cafe, but maybe a bakery? As we walked away, we were left wondering what could be inside.

Once inside, what stood out to me the most was how beautifully delicate yet calming the layout was. The big cooling refrigerator case of macaroons were lined up with multicolored cookies and on top were cakes of different flavors. The back walls listed the menu in chalk, as well as positive messages on other walls also written in chalk. Everything available looked appetizing and minimal decor was inspirational.

I could envision myself leisurely catching up on my reading while sipping a cup of cocoa on a cold winter day, if I lived close by that is. I was mesmerized & enjoyed those extra lingering minutes just sitting on that white painted chair after we had finished our melted marshmallow chocolate dipped desert.

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The Only Reason To Cook For Your Man x Brooklyn Wedding Recap Video

If your going out of your way to cook a warm hot dinner meal for him, he better be special.

If you find yourself buying new panties at Victoria Secret with the lace trim to put them on just so he can take them off, he better be special.

When you offer to buy Chinese food just to keep him around even though you two aren’t really talking but simply sitting on the couch netflixing and chilling or cable tv DVR’ing , he better be special.

My engagement ended February 3rd because I’m officially a wife to an awesome man who’s been my best friend for like seven years. The wedding was short and sweet but completely Brooklyn style! Which consists of us going to city hall with a cute dress, a bouquet, a few family members and someone who would take half decent shots of everything because the professional photography available was charging way to much for professional photographs lol.

Anyways, I hate the stereotypes that follows married life once a couple decides to tie the knot. Its like suddenly your a foreign being who stops living life because of marriage.

One day I’ll look back at this post and consider myself lucky for being so optimistic or maybe a fool. Whether a person is your life partner or your coworker working on the desk beside you, everyone;

  1. deserves respect because their story is as unique as yours
  2. can’t be changed by other people telling them that they need to change, unless they already want to change themselves
  3. should focus on themselves, be selfish about how your taking care of yourself mentally and physically because by putting yourself first, you’ll be in a better mindset to guide and help others

Finally, heres a recap video of my wedding day on February 3rd. The video quality sucks but its the only footage I have because, although my sister is smart as hell she’s no photographer. Not complaining here but in retrospective, I think I should have booked someone for that one hour. Well, you live and learn.

Anyways, heres my little special moment, brooklyn style lol

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Where ever you turn, with or without realizing it, theres something exciting or interesting to observe that can make you ask many different questions. It boils down to your perspective, starting from the moment you open the lids to expose your eyes. But when you expect to get something or accomplish a specific goal but end up getting something completely different because of varied circumstances, it burns. Yet with a slight shift on perspective, instead of the burn it can become a whole new meaning instead. Once that shift happens, thats when it becomes truly unique to you, to your sensibility, to your livelihood, which is what no one else in this world has in common with you.

I’ve had this scarf for years now and its served one function. Recently I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art (but if your a native NY’er, you’ll know it as the MET) and I explored through the Roman artifacts and marble sculptures of the ancient times. Some of the fully clothed marble bodies had different layers of fabric cascading from top to bottom. The more you observed the structures, the more confusing it become to pinpoint the starting point and exactly how many there were but it made the figures look more prestigious. I took that drapery as inspiration and fused it with my favorite wool plaid scarf and it made all the difference.

Scarf: Gap

Jacket: Alice Temperley for Target

Shirt: Goodwill Thrift Shops

Leggings & Shoes: Forever 21


Casual Thursday



For every mood, it seems as if theres a texture to match those feeling, its like the physical manifestation if those moods. I find myself getting really excited about the day ahead when I’ve found that perfect combination of layers to provide comfort, effortlessness, and more importantly especially on the East coast, warmth. I recently bought this shawl fur collar cardigan at a thrift store around Bushwick in Brooklyn (sadly the associates working there couldn’t verify if the fur was real or faux because of the softness and the tags were removed). For a long time I’ve wanted a cardigan with an exciting fur collar but never got lucky, but this has definitely been my year. For especially chilly days, I take out these Timberlands. I know, they look like they’ve been through some damage but they still put up a good fight. The best thing about them is the faux fur lining in the inside, they’ve kept my feet extremely cozy, like a blanket on snowy day. The colorful patterns at the bottom are a few undies I hauled at Target. These colors just grabbed my attention more then the touch!

Downer: Uniglo

Cardigan: L Train Vintage

Top: Brooks Brothers

Skirt & Hair Accessory: H&M

Leggings: Kmart

Boots: Timberland