Rustic Sepia

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Where ever you turn, with or without realizing it, theres something exciting or interesting to observe that can make you ask many different questions. It boils down to your perspective, starting from the moment you open the lids to expose your eyes. But when you expect to get something or accomplish a specific goal but end up getting something completely different because of varied circumstances, it burns. Yet with a slight shift on perspective, instead of the burn it can become a whole new meaning instead. Once that shift happens, thats when it becomes truly unique to you, to your sensibility, to your livelihood, which is what no one else in this world has in common with you.

I’ve had this scarf for years now and its served one function. Recently I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art (but if your a native NY’er, you’ll know it as the MET) and I explored through the Roman artifacts and marble sculptures of the ancient times. Some of the fully clothed marble bodies had different layers of fabric cascading from top to bottom. The more you observed the structures, the more confusing it become to pinpoint the starting point and exactly how many there were but it made the figures look more prestigious. I took that drapery as inspiration and fused it with my favorite wool plaid scarf and it made all the difference.

Scarf: Gap

Jacket: Alice Temperley for Target

Shirt: Goodwill Thrift Shops

Leggings & Shoes: Forever 21


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