Casual Thursday



For every mood, it seems as if theres a texture to match those feeling, its like the physical manifestation if those moods. I find myself getting really excited about the day ahead when I’ve found that perfect combination of layers to provide comfort, effortlessness, and more importantly especially on the East coast, warmth. I recently bought this shawl fur collar cardigan at a thrift store around Bushwick in Brooklyn (sadly the associates working there couldn’t verify if the fur was real or faux because of the softness and the tags were removed). For a long time I’ve wanted a cardigan with an exciting fur collar but never got lucky, but this has definitely been my year. For especially chilly days, I take out these Timberlands. I know, they look like they’ve been through some damage but they still put up a good fight. The best thing about them is the faux fur lining in the inside, they’ve kept my feet extremely cozy, like a blanket on snowy day. The colorful patterns at the bottom are a few undies I hauled at Target. These colors just grabbed my attention more then the touch!

Downer: Uniglo

Cardigan: L Train Vintage

Top: Brooks Brothers

Skirt & Hair Accessory: H&M

Leggings: Kmart

Boots: Timberland

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