Metallic Green Liner #MOTD


















I started with a clean face and then used the Aveeno Daily Moisturizer to give my skin some life. My favorite part of the moisturizer is the scent because its refreshing and airy yet it helps with the prevention of breakouts! Then I continued with my color correction and concealer to smooth out uneven tones. For the first time, I also played with the NYC Bronze Face Powder that my mother often uses. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much of a difference it made as a last touch to the foundation routine. It adds a bit of color to my complexion especially right after I finish applying concealer & foundation.


Just a tab of tinted moisturizer and they were done 👍


The toughest part was getting the new eyelashes to get the shape of my eyes. Whenever you get a pair of faux lashes, the first thing before you wear them out is to break them in.. literally. It also helps to have a strong lash adhesive. Sadly, the one I’m currently using, the Revlon Precision Adhesive, works to a certain extent. I tend to apply the adhesive and then leave it for a few seconds to dry a little so it’ll become a bit sticky but what kept on happening was that the adhesive would dry almost immediately on the corners. When that’ll happen , it would take an extra 15 minutes longer just to make sure that the corners stayed put. So I’ll definitely be in the market for a new adhesive soon!

For the eyeshadows, I kept it very stubble & nude using the different shades shown in the Cast A Spell Beauty Book. For the next look, I’d probably add more eye shadow so it’ll be more noticeable.

The light green was the main touch. The light green liners from Milani Cosmetics and although it was a bit dry as I was reused it, the metallic color was still vibrant! I didnt have the heart to just throw it away cause I’d rather have it and not need it, then need it and not have it.

Anyways, I sincerely hope you enjoyed this look. Leave a comment to let me know how you would have used the green eyeliner differently and have a blessed day!


Sneaker heals & Leather














NASTY GAL, NASTY GAL, NASTY GAL… I remember looking at their ads on Facebook and never really taking the time to explore their website back then. It wasn’t until all my girlfriends were taking about the clothes that I had to see what the hype was about. Then I read the #GIRLBOSS autobiography and I was completely taken away by Sophia Amoruso.  When I went on my trip to California, I was so excited to find the Nasty Gal store in Santa Monica. I fell in love  with these sneaker heals but didn’t get them right away and it wasn’t until I saw them on sale on the site that I knew these colorful sneaker heals (wedges?) had to be mine.

Jacket: Forever 21, Shirt: custom made, pants: Pacsun, sneakers: Nasty Gal, sunglasses: Ray Ban, bag: Versace

Casual Thursday



For every mood, it seems as if theres a texture to match those feeling, its like the physical manifestation if those moods. I find myself getting really excited about the day ahead when I’ve found that perfect combination of layers to provide comfort, effortlessness, and more importantly especially on the East coast, warmth. I recently bought this shawl fur collar cardigan at a thrift store around Bushwick in Brooklyn (sadly the associates working there couldn’t verify if the fur was real or faux because of the softness and the tags were removed). For a long time I’ve wanted a cardigan with an exciting fur collar but never got lucky, but this has definitely been my year. For especially chilly days, I take out these Timberlands. I know, they look like they’ve been through some damage but they still put up a good fight. The best thing about them is the faux fur lining in the inside, they’ve kept my feet extremely cozy, like a blanket on snowy day. The colorful patterns at the bottom are a few undies I hauled at Target. These colors just grabbed my attention more then the touch!

Downer: Uniglo

Cardigan: L Train Vintage

Top: Brooks Brothers

Skirt & Hair Accessory: H&M

Leggings: Kmart

Boots: Timberland

M E O W Sweater








Bulky and soft but with a lot of punch. My top half felt like a mini fridge because of the square shape of this cropped sweater. Every time I wear this I have the urge to cuddle with myself because of the texture of the fibers all along the sweater. Black, white and bold. Nothing wrongs with a little attitude and sassyness’ness lol especially with my own cat creations.

I paired the sweater up with a olive green stretch knit skirt.. I pulled it up to my waist & hence the l e g s. Underneath my sweater I wore a beige cardigan, just to add a bit of color blocking effect. Around my hips are chains, fake gold chains as belts and behind me a fish pendant dangling on my hips. It goes well with the theme, no? Also, a bit unexpected. Who’d a thought?

Winter has officially kicked in NYC. I can’t wait to find the most fabulous coats & sweaters for my petite figure. To be honest, its difficult to find items that fit nicely on a smaller physique. No matter how much I do my oh so elaborate ballerina & gymnast stretches (sarcasm here, work with me love)  I wont get taller 😦

Hence why everything I find are literally like treasures..

sweater: Forever21, skirt: h&m, cardigan: goodwill, shoes: aldo chains: (I’m not even sure no more) fish necklace: Forever21