Potters Clay Color Block





For this nail design update, I really wanted to incorporate a autumn feel by using this clayish shade. When I saw the color, it instantly reminded me of one of the many Pantone colors for Fall 2016 that I wrote a post about a few weeks ago, which called the color Potters Clay for the russet orange undertone. This one in particular is called Brick House by Deborah Lippman lacquer. My favorite part about the Deborah Lippman lacquer is that it retains an impeccable shine without having to add layers of shine coating to finish it. Using the instagram image as inspiration, I colored blocked the Brick House with the pale white by Wet n Wild called Break The Ice, to represent the changing season! Nothing like a high and low mix to create something amazing. I hope you enjoy & let me know what you think of this design in the comments below!

#OOTD x Pregnancy






Where do I even start…I’m huge & I’m only getting bigger by the weeks. I found out about my pregnancy early in May, at the time it still seemed a bit unreal because I wasn’t showing and everything still fit perfectly. Lately, though, its been more of a challenge to keep up with some basic things that I took for granted pre pregnancy.

&& if your curious about the gender, don’t worry, it’s an alien  👽

😅 lol jp. I’m having a baby girl.

I was recommended by other moms that I should have a sense of humor about this journey, a la Ali Wong: Baby Cobra.

I’ve filtered plenty of things out of my closet because of the fast and growing changes of my body #nobodygoals #miniball. I’ve just been really thankful for all the stretchy, knit and spandex’y fabrics that I’ve passionately collected throughout the years. I took advantage of a beautiful sunny day by wearing something off the shoulder, like this top & these awesome Ray Ban aviator sunglasses that pumped some serious mojo to the rest of the look. Coupling the outfit with my favorite bag with faux gold detail for added touches cohesiveness, I was ready to set sail (figuratively).

Thankfully, Fall just started in NYC & I’m looking forward to getting some key outerwear pieces and some killer accessories to add definition to my growing body, baby and what ever life challenges ahead (literally, I’m talking about 30 degree mornings with very little heat to welcome you out of bed).



#OOTD x Streetwear: Wednesday






Lately, I’ve been wearing a lot more hats and I’ve come to realize that it has so much versatility from hiding bad hair days, uplifting any outfit & instantly creating a more casual, easy going feel mood. The color of the hat is anywhere from grey to light blue (?) I can’t really tell but because its one of those random light colors, it blended really nicely with the different tones of my wardrobe. My take for streetwear is comfort (life’s already tough enough) but also attractive. Now that its the beginning of the fall season, I’m ready for more layers, especially with sweaters. NYC’s cold for seventy-five percent of the year and I know I can’t have enough outerwear. Hope you liked the look (and the local street cat that kind of reminds me of batman)!

Forever 21; outer jacket, inner shirt | Target; sweater | Keds; shorts | Joe Fresh; bag |Claires;  accessories


Baltimore, Maryland and Halloween












This trip to Baltimore.. The ride there from New York City was about four hours with afternoon hours. I didn’t mind (since I wasn’t driving, luckily, but my boyfriend had to touch it out for both of us.. his amazing). I’ve had never gone to Baltimore before so it was beautiful getting to see the area with its colonial style neighborhoods. We booked an airbnb and our host was explaining to us that Maryland was still a slave state when it was banned in the North during and even during the civil war. Didn’t remember my US history class going over that! crazy.

We went for a company event and they also hosted a Halloween party for us. I was dressed as a dark angel.. as you can see.

Shoes: Nine West; Dress & long cardigan: Forever 21; Hair: Wig (although I might cut it short like it); Leather Jacket:  (don’t remember)

M E O W Sweater








Bulky and soft but with a lot of punch. My top half felt like a mini fridge because of the square shape of this cropped sweater. Every time I wear this I have the urge to cuddle with myself because of the texture of the fibers all along the sweater. Black, white and bold. Nothing wrongs with a little attitude and sassyness’ness lol especially with my own cat creations.

I paired the sweater up with a olive green stretch knit skirt.. I pulled it up to my waist & hence the l e g s. Underneath my sweater I wore a beige cardigan, just to add a bit of color blocking effect. Around my hips are chains, fake gold chains as belts and behind me a fish pendant dangling on my hips. It goes well with the theme, no? Also, a bit unexpected. Who’d a thought?

Winter has officially kicked in NYC. I can’t wait to find the most fabulous coats & sweaters for my petite figure. To be honest, its difficult to find items that fit nicely on a smaller physique. No matter how much I do my oh so elaborate ballerina & gymnast stretches (sarcasm here, work with me love)  I wont get taller 😦

Hence why everything I find are literally like treasures..

sweater: Forever21, skirt: h&m, cardigan: goodwill, shoes: aldo chains: (I’m not even sure no more) fish necklace: Forever21