M E O W Sweater








Bulky and soft but with a lot of punch. My top half felt like a mini fridge because of the square shape of this cropped sweater. Every time I wear this I have the urge to cuddle with myself because of the texture of the fibers all along the sweater. Black, white and bold. Nothing wrongs with a little attitude and sassyness’ness lol especially with my own cat creations.

I paired the sweater up with a olive green stretch knit skirt.. I pulled it up to my waist & hence the l e g s. Underneath my sweater I wore a beige cardigan, just to add a bit of color blocking effect. Around my hips are chains, fake gold chains as belts and behind me a fish pendant dangling on my hips. It goes well with the theme, no? Also, a bit unexpected. Who’d a thought?

Winter has officially kicked in NYC. I can’t wait to find the most fabulous coats & sweaters for my petite figure. To be honest, its difficult to find items that fit nicely on a smaller physique. No matter how much I do my oh so elaborate ballerina & gymnast stretches (sarcasm here, work with me love)  I wont get taller 😦

Hence why everything I find are literally like treasures..

sweater: Forever21, skirt: h&m, cardigan: goodwill, shoes: aldo chains: (I’m not even sure no more) fish necklace: Forever21