Sporty Finish















When I have somewhere to go, I immediately just throw on a few things that I know are going to be flexible enough for me to move quickly around the city. There’s many factors to consider because, if suddenly, I need to run to catch the last train, that fear of missing it is so dear that it gets your adrenaline pumping to take flight. If theres a possibility of catching it, why wouldn’t anyone try to not do anything in their power to catch it? I love sporty styles cause it can blend to different occasions without looking over dressed or under dressed. As I put together this look, I kept on thinking about how good I wanted to feel while wearing different layers, as well as looking good without so much on (its a challenging balance especially when you can’t predict how long the days going to be and how many places your going to visit). Enjoy the pictures everyone and please let me know what you think đŸ™‚

Jacket: Nike

Sweater: GAP

T-shirt: Yours Truly

Leggings: Zara

Shoes: Forever 21

Bag: Unknown


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