Harum x Scarum Nails!

When the going gets tough, just change your route! lol

That was my philosophy as I was thinking about the different things I could do for my minimalistic style nails update. The first idea I had was a complete bust with wasted supplies and time because I originally had no inspiration. It looked awful, messy and thick. Undeniably, not runway/ instagram/ snapchat ready. But as I let my mind wonder, deep down, all I wanted was something effortless, chic and something I could look down at & fall in love with. After I was finished, I still felt very creative and added a very festive design detail on my skin (something I’ve never tried before but will be doing  a lot more in the future).

The idea was to be intentionally messy, sort of like a work of art.

Hope you all enjoy & let me know what you think in the comments below!





90’s Paint Splatter: Nails Update




Did you notice? maybe? That the middle of the 2010’s brought out everyones inner 90s kid. Suddenly 90s throwbacks were blissful reminders of the simpler moments during our youth. People expressed their homage to that decade through their fashion and beauty choices. If this decades version of the 90’s sticks around for the remaining of the of 2010’s, only time will tell, but it’ll be a hell of an interesting sight to see how the styles evolve and grow with the different tastes. Heres my ode to 90’s trend, a jawbreaker paint splatter style nails. Using some warm water, hair spray, olive oil cooking spray, and a piece of plastic, I managed to get the style down but it took some patience.


Classical Flares

gold 3


gold 9


gold 2


gold 1


gold 7

gold 6


gold 5


gold 4


Once I was inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I didn’t know where to start. From the outside, the construction of the buildings massive which perfectly foreshadows the massive amount of information thats readily available to the viewers. It was a wonderful little escape from the day to day tasks. Marbles of dramatic depictions of the Greek and Roman worlds, art ranging from the Neolithic period to the time of Constantine, etc. After the visit, I was inspired to create a timeless outfit that resembled the mood of the artwork. I loved how the taupe short sleeved turtle neck embodied the hues and tones. The gray? well.. gray goes with everything (sometimes). When you know what your focused on, the answers aren’t so obvious and often come unexpectedly.

Turtle neck: Mandee’s

Skirt: ZARA

Cardigan: Forever 21

Shoes: unknown

Bag: New Look

Easy Contrasting Nail Pop Art

nail pst 3

Nail Post

Nail Post 2

Simple to design & easy to create on your own. With just a little bit of patience, it can make all the difference.

For each nail, the black dot was placed sporadically. Not one follows the exact placement to make them exciting to look at. I wanted to have fun on some of the nails on the right hand so I dragged a very sharp brush through the dot to create a distorted effect for a touch of creativity.