What are Those? SKIN TAGS?

What are those? Do you see those things hanging out from the necks of your grandparents and maybe even your own parents? Yea, did you think it only happened to people well into their 60’s?

If only…

I have a confession and I’m embarrassed to even say it, but just the other day I actually pulled one of these skin tags out from my chest. What surprised me most wasn’t that I found one randomly, but that I found one at my age. I’m still in my early 20’s and still trying to figure out what it truly means to be “adulting” yet. Now these things show up? Why? 🤔

What I’m talking about are skin tags. Skin tags are narely looking little flaps of skin tissue that pop out seemingly everywhere on the body. From my research, its common to find these tags around the areas that often rub together with skin to jewelry and clothing. They’re found around the neck, underarms, eyelids, groin folds or under breasts. Skin tags aren’t dangerous, they’re often left untreated instead of risking any problems associated with removing them.

For aesthetic purposes, luckily there are treatments available to handle these random flaps. Some options are: 

A. Doctors

           1. Scissors or scalpels easily remove skin tags by severing them at the base, but not before numbing the area of coarse! (or else I won’t be coming back to that doctor, shit 🤕). 

         2. Cauterizing or burning, but in our modern times 👀, its more of a electrocautery or chemical cautery, which is awesome because it minimizes scarring around the more visible areas! Back in the old days they used to heat metal and apply it to that area, yikes 😢!

         3. Freezing em’ away! When your  visiting the doctors, ask for the liquid nitrogen treatment since it shouldn’t be used at home because it can cause severe tissue damage if done incorrectly.

B. The OTC at-home removal kit, which is similar to how warts are removed, are available over the counters. It gives the person the chance to remove them at home by using a safe method of freezing them. 

C. Using Tea tree oil! Slow and steady win or rather remove the tag. What really stuck out to me was the effortless and painless way of this treatment. One would simply apply the oil on the tag with a Q-tip three times a day until the tag becomes darkened and eventually falls out! Like I said, slow and steady. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I haven’t posted all the methods of removal out there. These are just the few options that I would trust the most for the best results. At heart, I’m a Do-It-Yourself gal but some things are best to leave to the pros. Nothings worst then kicking your own ass for making a mistake when the help was available.

reference: http://www.wikihow.com/Get-Rid-of-Skin-Tags