New York City is a mess…

New York City is a mess… 

And the comradery that New Yorkers once expressed to one another and especially to those in the front lines while the covid pandemic was slowly unraveling itself, is no longer in our hearts or minds. 

The nation is split and the reason behind it is disgusting. Like many other folks on twitter have questioned, “why should ending racism be a debate?”

Whatever belief that’s been passed down for generations over a “master class” of people based on the color of their skin, has ignited the frustrations of so many and me included. The protests are important and the

This brings me to question, why do some spend all their lives holding onto so much hate towards another group of people? Is it that they’re believing the stereotypes portrayed in the media or Hollywood? The systematic racism is so subtle, that it’s scary how unnoticeable it is to the people inflicting it while causing so much trauma to POC. 

For many months, I’ve been educating myself about the nation I live in… how? It started by reading the “mandatory” history textbook I rented for a history course I took in the Fall of 2019. I would read the entire chapter assigned… and learned all about the events after the civil war between the South vs the North in the USA. But what really emphasized my readings and put these events that occurred in the USA into a global perspective was a comparative politic systems course that I completed this past Spring. The knowledge this professor gave us mixed economic theory, history, and political systems all in one. I enjoyed it so much, I wrote the professor an email thanking him for his time and information, and only wished for him to go really far in his career. 

I say all this because education is a start to not only understanding the current reality but by knowing what influenced it from past decisions. Thankfully, we have so much information at our fingertips that it’ll be a disservice to our future selves, families or society to not take advantage of it. I honestly believe that our generation will be the one to make the right changes that many who have been marginalized have desperately been wanting to get for so long.