New Years Love!

“N-now th-that that don’t kill me
Can only make me stronger”

Kanye West

Happy New Year && I wish you all much success && blessings for this new year!

As for myself, to say that its going to be the beginning of a new chapter is a complete understatement. In retrospective, 2016 marked the beginning of so many changes, from personal to career to family. The outcome of each experience has become a lesson which are indefinitely engraved in my heart and new attitude.

For most of 2016, I was pregnant! The year wasn’t half way over when I discovered I was going to be expecting my first child, a baby girl. Both of our families were excited when I told them the news. But for a while it didn’t seem real because there was nothing to show for most of my pregnancy until the last few weeks of my second trimester where my belly just popped, seemingly over night.

Currently, I’m 38 weeks pregnant & I’m due after the first week of the new year. Everyones in the waiting game with me and now more then ever I’m more anxious to begin motherhood. The little bit of time that I currently have with myself now, I’m treating it like gold. Reading, writing, editing, learning, planning, goal setting, everything (specially prescribed by my midwife lol).

I’ve been overhauling on baby supplies but also on books. To simply prep myself mentally for the challenges ahead. These two books were highly recommended to me by different peers and mentors.


&&& with that said, I’ll leave you with a virtual box of roses from the Billion Roses Company thats all over instagram!


Enjoy & let me know what you think of these books or other book recommendations you might have on the comment below!