Gym Bag Chronicles

Look Two

Look One

Image Three

Every morning, moments before I rush out of my house, I stop for a few seconds and contemplate if I should bring my gym bag. Then I spend the next few seconds thinking about all the reasons not to, just to make the decision easier. But moments before I step out the door, I quickly rush upstairs and throw a few things in a separate backpack. 

I’ve come to realize that by keeping all the items in the same bag consistently saves time and brain power! Keeping things as a routine allows for easy organizing. These are just some of my last 5 minute choices and as of right now, my body’s going through some changes for the next few months. It’s a must for me to keep like 5 water bottles in my bag daily! 

Bag: Local Vendor

Clothing: Target, Forever 21, Sketchers 

Accessories: Amazon

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