Yellow Tips: Nails Update





I’ve always enjoy being experimental with my nails. This time around I made my nails with a diagonal style & because it’s the spring, a highlighter type yellow was the obvious choice.

The first step was to file my nails so they were even & fuller with pushed back cuticles.

Then I painted a top coat of a nude color.

After I let that dry, I placed tape across my nails diagonally on all of them.

Then I painted a few coats on each nail of the yellow. This part took the longest cause of the tape on each finger and it also took the longest to dry.

I had to be really careful and lastly, I painted a clear coat of nail hardener to protect them.


Its exciting to see my nails from time to time and feel proud of them. For example, if I had noticed the design on another girl, I’d let her know how dope they look!

Anyways, enjoy 🍸💛

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