About Me

M o x i e : [mok-see] vigor; verve; pep. when you’ve got moxie, you need the clothes to match.
Hi and welcome dear readers, meet Rosalinda!
              Rosalinda is a proud Latina, although her Spanish could be a little better (but she’s working on that) who immigrated to America at a very tender age from a very small country in Central America called El Salvador. Growing up in a new country was awkward and she didn’t have much family around to guide her so fitting in was gawky. She quickly gravitated to art and become a little girl who would be consumed all day with her ideas and creations. This creative spirit lead her to attend a specialized art school and then to successfully completing a Fashion Design Women’s Apparel Associates Degree in the Fashion Institute of Technology. After graduating, she became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Isabella who has fiery red curly hair. Currently, Rosalinda is working on completing her bachelors degree in production management for the fashion and related industries. All whilst learning to manage and balance motherhood and married life with her personal ambitious goals, dreams and aspirations this great city. The big apple is a constant source of inspiration because of its quirks and kinks which is parallel to what Rosalinda believes women are: diverse and multifaceted with strong yet delicate cores. This blog is meant to share her personal style and opinions on fashion, some favorite beauty looks and product reviews, ways to lead a healthy lifestyle and more importantly, saving money for the big picture goals. This blog is for the women who embrace there imperfections and welcome their quirks with open arms because thats what makes us, not just different, but rare!
Stick around cause theres more to come! Welcome to the moxie series

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