About Me

Hi all and welcome… 


I’d like for you to stick around, but there’s no promises that I’ll be consistently updating my site. Yup, I’m being more then truthful and slightly sarcastic because there is more to come, just not making any promises to you dear readers! lol. 

Let me explain, when I first started this site, I had a very vague and super abstract goal of it being more than a personal style blog. I was finishing up my Associates degree in Fashion Design, a hobby that I believed to turn into a profession that didn’t pan out as I planned. My creativity was drained as I hustled between being a student, part-time employee and developing an entrepreneurial spirit. While I was still learning more about myself and interests, I was really inspired by the photographs from stylish girls on instagram and wanted to know what that was about. I wanted to find a way to inject my likeness into a category that didn’t have many girls that looked like me. 

I started the moxieseries with one objective in mind but has now evolved to be more of a journal or diary of topics that I’m generally interested in like: style, fashion, beauty things and my current obsession, fitness. This is my creative outlet as I go through the trials and challenges of being a mother, while attempting to grow a career. A career in what? So far, I’m in school to finish up my undergrad in the Production Management program at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Since I’ve already got an Associates in Fashion Design, I had an intuition that this combination of skills would go hand in hand for my future career prospects. 

I hope you enjoy these light hearted reads along with, what I consider to be, great photography. I hope that it’ll inspire you and maybe even makes you question topics or ideas that you otherwise wouldn’t have thought about before. Just like my husband, who had never met a Salvadorian person before he met me and wasn’t aware of its geographical location in Central America. I appreciate my culture because we are so small as a nation yet have some of the most hard working people you will ever met. A big agenda as a parent is to expose my child to more of the Salvadorian side of her culture. I believe it’ll be valuable as she begins to develop her sense of identity especially as she grows up living in the big Apple, New York City. This city is vast and the underlying rule is speed with people constantly on the move. It seems like this city is a pit stop for people on the go because the “opportunities” are here and unfortunately,  always feels like for a limited time and in a limited supply. So as people come and go, it’s that much more important to have a good sense of who are and not being shy about sharing it with others. 

With this said, thank you in advance for reading and maybe even commenting or liking a post because I like that you like!

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